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We live in a world that is dynamic and diversified, which allows so many different norms and values. No matter where people come from or belong to, they all deserve the freedom to choose their way of living and express who they really are to the outside world.

RAINBOWTOUCHESprovides unlimited possibilities for that through its ideas of street fashion, to make people's journey of self expression and life with vibrant and RAINBOW




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In the world of fashion, taste, mood, nature and color count a lot and this is where we stand out.Rainbow designs and produces goods to suit your taste and mood, with natural colors that come with originalities.


Custom Designs
The value of custom design to customers is: a super strong designer team means that we have strong sample development capabilities and can provide one-stop solutions. At present, our company has 5 paper sample personnel with more than 25 years of experience in fashion brand research and development, 15 employees who are responsible for making samples, 2 follow-up coordinators, and 3 buyers. They have more than 6-10 years of experience in design and development in the fashion brand industry. The owner of the company has been engaged in the garment industry since 2006. In 2013, she deployed the global overseas customization market, and accurately positioned the fashion brand market. At the same time, she has 10 years of overseas fashion brand research and development experience.



Ready-made Designs
The value that ready-made designs can bring to customers is: for rainbow, we have a marketing department that can conduct market research on America, Europe, Oceania (mainly Australia and New Zealand), including social media accounts, customer feedback, etc, and design many different clothes, these clothes are full of popular elements and can lead the trend. These are selected market explosions, and customers can enrich their own product lines more quickly by choosing our existing designs.



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RainbowTouches provides an one stop private label customization at your control. We appreciate your interest, and we will respond to every email.

1 、how is structured your logistic and warehouse (you work also in dropshipping?)

We don’t support retail sales, we choose DHL, FEDEX, UPS, DHL four special lines for express delivery.

We can also choose the freight forwarder or air freight method designated by the customer, and we will also quote the logistics cost to the customer for choice.

In the case of a large quantity of goods, in order to save customers' logistics costs, we choose to ship by sea. Not only that, we also support customers to quickly customize samples and send them to the address specified by customers.

If you want to do DROP SHIPPING, you need to use RAINBOW's original design stock for drop shipping. If it is customer's original design, it can be mass produced and put into our warehouse. We support sending one piece to customers.

2 、if i want a different product from the ones you haven't in the catalogs is it possible? with custom logo, graphic and design also?

Yes, it is possible. Light customization and full customization are our advantageous services. As a manufacturer who understands Streetwear culture, we have such advantages. At the same time, we also have design capabilities and accessories supply chain.

3 、 if i want a different product that you have and i send you a link of the product for example of aliexpress, are you able to create it?

Yes, looking at pictures to make patterns is the technical core of RAINBOWTOUCHES, because we have 5 pattern makers who have more than 25 years of experience in the clothing industry.

4 、 How long is the production time of the garments? How much is the price per item and how much do prices change based on the size of the stock?

T-shirts are generally 18 to 25 days, hoodies are about 30 days, and jackets are about 40 days. Because it is a customized product, each item should be priced according to your needs.