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Design a bespoke embroidered jacket online

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Bespoke jackets can help you create a form of self-expression that you can share with the world. A great way to express your personality and spread brand awareness through a unique personalized jacket. Whether through logos, headlines or any type of design or logo, Rainbowtouches offers endless options and countless ideas just to help you achieve a bespoke jacket that reflects your creative imagination.

Rainbowtouches can customize anything from bespoke varsity jackets for your average team to bespoke baseball jackets for sports teams and clubs. In addition to these, you will love designing your custom team jacket in any way you like, as Rainbowtouches is also available for:

Custom embroidered jackets

Show off your creativity with impeccable embroidery on your bespoke jackets. You can embroider some artistic youth on a custom trench jacket, a custom fleece jacket, a custom biker jacket or better yet, a custom varsity jacket.

● Bespoke denim jackets

If you love denim then add your own personal touch by completely personalizing your bespoke denim jacket, whichever way you prefer. Prints are another way in which you can use super cool prints on your custom denim jacket or custom printed jacket.

● Bespoke aviator jackets

Now this is something that anyone and everyone will appreciate. Bespoke aviator jackets are a great way to add your own personal touch, reflect your personality and are a great way to celebrate team spirit and togetherness. Whether you go for one or more. A bespoke aviator jacket is the way to go.


Custom men jackets

Tips for personalizing your jacket

● Choose your fabric

▷ Waterproof outer/quilted lining

▷ Satin outer/satin lining

▷ Softshell jersey / satin lining

▷ Marbled velvet / quilted lining

● Choose a custom style

It is important to consider your logo, artwork or design when choosing the colour of your jacket. The colors should work well with each other. Use is another aspect to consider when choosing a custom jacket style. Where will you and your team be wearing your jacket? Will your bespoke jacket or tailored jacket be worn outdoors, indoors or at specific seasons or events? Or do you want your bespoke jacket to be worn all year round? Knowing the answers to these questions beforehand will enable you to make the most of your bespoke jacket.

▷ Customizing fabric colors and designs

▷ Adding inserts to any part of the garment

▷ Choose zips or buttons

▷ Customize pocket trims and zip colors

● Customized jacket logos

Bespoke jackets are a great and practical way to promote your company logo and story. Better yet, have your team wear a uniform style of custom jacket in the same or coordinating colors to add cohesion and consistency, supporting and highlighting your professional brand image. Rainbowtouches is the process of exploring your options, navigating what your custom jacket should do for you and enjoying creatively personalizing your custom logo jacket that speaks well of your brand, story and message.

▷ We can embroider your brand or school logo in one place

▷ The student's unique name is embroidered in one place. It can be a first name, a surname or both

▷ text embroidered on the applique, e.g. "20"

▷ Customized lining with any design



The jacket can be hand washed or machine washed, but not at temperatures above 90°F. Wash gently. For drying, air drying is recommended. Avoid direct heat, such as radiators or fireplaces. The fabric does not need to be ironed. If you wish to iron, do not touch directly - use a cotton cloth as a cushion to help protect your jacket.


The following size chart is available for reference

Our casual and flattering styles are available in sizes XS to XXL. These jackets are great with anything from jeans and sweatshirts to leggings and skirts.

Custom embroidered jackets size chart


Our offer to you

We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments and our customers always have the confidence to order from our company. That's why we offer you a free, no-obligation physical sample of a design of your choice!

If you decide you don't want to proceed with your order, we simply return the sample at no cost to you. If you wish to proceed with your order, you will still have the opportunity to make changes to the design prior to mass production. We recommend that you order your samples as early as possible. Once you have received your samples, there is no time limit within which you must place your order for series production. 

To get your samples started, please contact us.


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