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Is it Good to Buy a Custom Hooded Parka Home for the New Year?

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As a Custom Jean Jacket Manufacturer, share with you.

Judging from the current industry trends, this year is the first year that Pai overcomes a "seamless connection" with consumers.

From high-end shopping malls to street-side clothing franchise stores, and then to major leather city professional markets, from online to offline, from various regions in the south, east and northwest of the motherland, Paidou is the most dazzling winter star this year.

Especially the various leather cities all over the country have become the world that the faction overcomes!

This year’s sales result of Pai Overcome has "shown its trump card", that is, it has entered the homes of consumers in a large area and a large area, and it has become one of the main varieties of winter clothing for the first time along with cotton and down jackets.

Custom Winter Warm Short Puffer Jacket

Custom Winter Warm Short Puffer Jacket

What is to overcome?

The parka originated from the traditional clothing of the Eskimos. In order to withstand the cold climate, the Eskimos invented a hooded leather jacket made of animal fur. There is also a circle of animal hair on the edge of the hat to protect the temperature of the face.

This kind of clothing is not only resistant to wind and snow, but also extremely warm, which is convenient for Eskimo hunting and outdoor work.

In recent years, the parka coat that has faded from the military uniform has been completely carried on the popular runway. Designers have thought about how to make it look good, creating a handsome and tough feeling, and have remained in the classic single product for many years. In the ranks.

When Parker's coat stepped into the public's field of vision, in the hands of fashionable people, it quickly surpassed the down jacket and became an excellent choice for a fan.

Why is the 2 faction so hot this year?

It has been three or four years since its birth, and there have been many improvements and upgrades almost every year.

The inner liner has changed from the original fox stray hair to the current angora. The fur collar has also changed from the original single big raccoon fur collar to various fox collars and white raccoon collars. The outer shell has also changed from the original cotton fabric. A variety of high-end textile fabrics.

There are also overall styles that are richer and more diverse, including silhouettes and self-cultivation; both cute and atmospheric.

It is precisely because of these improvements and upgrades that Parker's wearable population can increase significantly, and this is where Parker's large-scale expansion is today.

From a market perspective, consumers’ awareness of Pi overcoming is gradually deepening, which is a gradual process.

The improvements and upgrades Pai has overcome in the past few years are also constantly advancing this cognition. Conversely, the accumulation of this knowledge to a certain stage will inevitably prompt Pai to overcome another improvement and upgrade. The two are interdependent and spiral. A progressive relationship.

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