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What Should I Pay Attention to When Designing a T-Shirt?

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As a China Tshirt Manufacturers, share with you.

Image Quality

This is one of the most common problems in artwork files submitted by our clients. Images are usually "low resolution". In other words, they do not have enough pixel information to provide us with high-quality and high-quality print quality.

Another problem with low-resolution images is that they are sometimes compressed multiple times, and obvious artifacts appear during the compression process. Ideally, photos should be scanned at high resolution for best results. We will evaluate the quality of all submitted artwork, so send it to us via email and we will tell you if the artwork is feasible, if it can be cleaned up or something better is needed.

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Color selection is some of the most important decisions; not only for design reasons, but if you are going to screen printing, make sure that the job fits your budget. More colors = more cost per item. Of course, you can always buy more shirts to reduce the cost of each piece of clothing. Spend more money to save more.

In some cases, through screen printing, we can use a technique called "halftone", which essentially makes three or four colors look more small. It's like magic. There are many more, which I will introduce in a future article. Now, please consult your sales representative if your design meets the halftone requirements.

From an aesthetic point of view, appearance design due to color selection is always a consideration. To

It may be tempting to add a lot of colors as a way to make the design more vivid, but it can be counterproductive. Using too many colors, your design may look ugly, because there is a greater chance of conflict.


Contrast is part of color selection, but it is a very specific and important part to consider. What exactly is contrast? It is the degree of visual difference between the darker and lighter parts of the image, or the way in which the shades of colors correspond to each other.

The strongest contrast is always black and white, and vice versa. Of course, bright colors on a dark background will have high contrast.


Upside-down is quite common and usually needs to be done when printing white ink on black clothing. Unless you are some kind of gothic art band, you may not want your photos to look like X-rays.


The human eye can only process a certain amount of information at a time, graphics or other ways, and with a T-shirt design you not only limit the viewing time, but is usually a moving target. So keep it simple!

Sometimes people will make themselves creative or original by stacking things on top of each other, using weird angles and compositions, and often causing confusion in their designs.

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