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Why Choose Down Jacket?

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There are many down jackets in the world of winter clothing, so the following points need to be considered before making a final decision. After all, when sailing in these waters, you will see prices ranging from $80 to more than $1,500, and there are many different styles, so some tips may make you a little richer while being more comfortable.

Let's first talk about what you will do in your down jacket. If you are going to do some hard work in your jacket, then you have come to the right place.

Custom Winter Warm Short Puffer Jacket

About puffer jacket

Are you still with us? OK! The down jacket, also known as the quilted jacket, uses the iconic quilting design, and the part between the stitches is "fluffy". They are filled with down insulation materials or synthetic fibers. Depending on their manufacturing process and the quality of synthetic fibers, both materials can provide a high degree of warmth. Another characteristic is that they are usually very light, albeit very warm. Compared with wool or leather, down jackets provide a unique combination of warmth and lightness

As mentioned earlier, these jackets can use down or synthetic down insulation materials. Both are fairly lightweight, but not all methods of insulation provide the same level of warmth. Generally speaking, down-filled jackets will be warmer, but if the manufacturer knows a lot about how insulation works, synthetic down can be very similar.

How stitching affects the style of the pufferfish jacket

The "fluffy feeling" of the down jacket is made up of the insulation layer and the stitching. Although vertical and horizontal down jackets are the most common, we have found that diamonds and other geometric shapes provide a more fit, practical, and durable jacket. The quilting design can vary from a small rhombus to a large triangle, and different tailoring and shapes can be realized.

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