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correlation between fashion and music.

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The relationship between music and fashion is one that is obvious and cannot be ignored. The reason is because music and fashion are relatively the same thing. HOW? You probably asking yourself how they are the same if fashion is tangible but music isn’t. Also how music makes a sound but fashion doesn’t. But it’s quite ironic because we wear music all the time therefore we can hear fashion, making it the same thing. Lol I hope I did not confuse some of you guys, but it is what it is. Well basically what I am trying to say is that music has been, for many individuals, a way to de-stress, brighten up a dull day, express their feelings and forth. Whether its gospel, trap, hip-hip or RnB. Fashion too like I once described in my older posts, is used and can be as a way of expressing ones feelings. Dressing up in your favourite outfit or buying a new clothing item when everything is going down south can do wonders. As mediums of expression, fashion and music merge into one; hence have an influence on each other. You can easily get a basic idea of someone’s personality, preferences and character through going through their closet or favourite playlist. Believe me you, in most cases your closet and playlist have A LOT in common.

However from my perspective, music has the upper hand in terms of influence. The sound itself and the creator combined have been arguably a very powerful factor in influencing fashion movements, design, and trends. This comes from observation and from me examining my music taste and fashion sense. Have you ever noticed how each genre of music has a specific decade whereby it’s very dominant therefore imposing a specific type of culture and trend amongst its listeners? Naturally people being people, end up following what everyone else is doing to fit in, hence the genre dominant at that particular time may greatly influence someone who has no idea about that genre.

Think of it this way; a great song alone can solely change your mood and play with your emotions, in a negative or good way. A class


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