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Rainbow touches Public service activities

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Yesterday, we paid a visit to a special education school. At the beginning, we all with the great mood to take good care of every disable students. On account of this is the first time to do public service activities in such places, many of our colleagues are still afraid of problems in the process, so we did some preparations before that. ·The teachers of their school are so circumspective that the students of here are all vivacious. In order to attracting them, we played many games and dances with them. Many of our colleagues were crying in the process, including me. They are all with different situation because of their different body barrier. 

Lastly, we took a photos with them. ·Community practice activities improve our social practice ability. It has guided us to contact and understand the society, and enhanced our sense of social responsibility and social adaptability. Comparing with us, we are all have complete body, happy family and excellent lift situation.

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 As the same time, I asked me a question: What can we do for society?


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